UC Irvine Under Fire For Giving 500 Newly Accepted...

UC Irvine Under Fire For Giving 500 Newly Accepted Students A “Sike”

Officials at University of California Irvine are feeling the heat for giving a small, but notable, swath of student applicants, estimated at 500, a big “Oops, you’re actually not accepted” notice, a few weeks before the start of the school year. The social media folks over at UC Irvine were kind enough to pin the reasoning for this, shall we say, faux pas, to their page in the form of a letter–which formerly accepted students can now pin to their own timelines in the ultimate display of FML.

After combing through the letter, this error sounds like the inevitable end-product of a frustrated, under-resourced admissions office: With over 100,000 applications submitted, by officials’ accounts, not everyone’s going to receive the right automated message and/or be clear about which requirements they need to conform to prior to enrollment. In outlining the terms and conditions that must be fully met prior to official enrollment, the University states the following:

Every year, we notify students who are not in compliance with these terms and conditions. And, every year, there are students who did not comply for legitimate reasons. In some cases, the actions which result in an offer being rescinded occur through no fault of the student. Perhaps their high school didn’t process the transcript or a teacher submitted the wrong grade… If you believe that you received a withdrawal notification in error, or you have legitimate reasons for not complying with the acceptance agreement, I urge you to appeal. For those of you who already submitted an appeal, we are reviewing them as quickly as possible and we thank you for your patience as we work through the files we are reviewing.

No one is above an occasional fuck-up, even a rather odious one like this, but UC Irvine is not alone in committing this earth-shattering goof: Columbia University, Tulane and Johns Hopkins, among a bevy of other institutions, have rendered admissions-related my-bads in recent years. 


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