Alternative Universes

Alternate-universe-me has short hair in a bob and loves to wear high-waisted pencil skirts. She has zero belly fat, and therefore, looks great in them. She’s committed to daily blowouts, green juices, and Pilates. She is happy on the inside but doesn’t show it on the outside because alternative-me doesn’t give a fuck.

Ah, how nice this would be…

And she’s an amazing writer who goes home at night and somehow finds the energy to write her book. I know, right?! P-e-r-f-e-c-t.

Unbeknownst to her, this book is going to change the world and make her famous. But she doesn’t care about all that, cuz she’s earthy (minus, pencil skirts). Eventually, she’ll travel the world promoting her books and looking generally fabulous.

If present-me met her, she might hate her a little. And by a little I mean, a lot.

But guess what, alternative-me doesn’t exist. Not yet at least. And the only way to change that is by taking action towards creating her. Progress is based on actions. In other words–ask me for a before and after photo.

It’s not like I can talk or boast my way to an alternative-me. In reality, the less I talk and the more I do, she is more likely to come true. The more I hold onto a grandiose idea, or, just a better idea of myself in some unforeseen future, the more I am setting myself up. Instead, I should be starting from where I am.

If I were to make a present-day parallel to illustrate my point; let me see, I would…. Oh, I don’t know, let’s take our new and lively administration for example.

Are they getting us to buy into an alternate reality while taking actions behind the scenes? We can’t let tweets and grandiose ideas derail us from actions. We need to watch what they do like some people watch Alec Baldwin on SNL. Closely, angrily and obsessively.

So stop reading this rant and read an article based on facts. Jk! Finish first. Thanks.

The truth is, a part of me really wants to make parts of alternative-me, real. And the great thing about that is, I can! Coincidentally, that’s the beauty of being in a democracy. Change is possible. The new administration also wants change. But what they don’t get, I think, is how these changes have quickly affected everyone’s reality.

On behalf of my future self, and my present self, I urge you to be the change you wish to see in yourself, and the world, by taking swift action. For the sake of our planet’s, and your own, actual reality….Or, take a note from our leader, and go stir some shit up.


About Pam Malinova

I am a writer, truth seeker, and lover of all that is weird. I am most passionate about personal essays, screenwriting, improvisation and cats. I love sharing my work on my website, blog, and occasionally on stage! My publication platforms include The Examiner, Buzzfeed Community, and Medium. To see what I’ve been up to lately, catch up with me on Twitter @pamcakesonfire.