Dancing, Singing, and Attending Concerts Makes You...

Dancing, Singing, and Attending Concerts Makes You Happier, Per Study

You may see the picture of me below my articles and wonder why I do the things I do. Now, you have an answer; according to researchers from Deakin University in Australia, people who dance, sing, and attend musical showcases are happier than those who don’t, and people who do these things with other people are even happier.

Researchers Melissa K. Weinberg and Dawn Joseph reached this conclusion by interviewing 1,000 Australians over the phone, asking questions about “general life satisfaction, subjective well being (SWB), and engagement with music.” They used the participants’ answers to connect dots between SWB and music engagement, and what they found was people who danced and sang had higher SWB scores than people who didn’t. People who attended concerts and danced and sang in the company of others also recorded higher SWB scores than people who didn’t; according to the authors of the study, this “emphasised the important role of engaging with music in the company of others with regard to SWB, highlighting an interpersonal feature of music.”

The authors say the findings from this study “can be used to inform future interventions and to better understand how music is involved in emotional regulation.” Engaging with music, alone and with people, is something I hold dear and something I believe to be important for personal well-being. In that vein, here is a song that always puts me in a good mood.


(Photo by Gerry Dincher)


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