DeVos Continues Draconian Deregulation of For-Prof...

DeVos Continues Draconian Deregulation of For-Profit Schools

Betsy Devos is gaining traction daily in her quest to give more power to for-profit educational institutions.

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced its intention to do away with the “gainful employment” rule that tracks the job placement and income of graduates from for-profit schools. Under the rule, if a school is found to have a program that consistently pumps out jobless, loan-bearing students, the program is subject to lose student-aid funding from the government.

In the continuation of erasing gainful employment, the Department of Education gave schools another year to begin disclosing information related to gainful employment to current and prospective students, which was supposed to begin July 1. With this information unavailable for another year, DeVos has more time to continue the rollback of the gainful employment rule.

The rule, which was created under President Obama’s administration, intends to make for-profit schools more credible in the creation of employed graduates, which in turn is a fight against student loan debt. What the discontinuation of this rule means is schools who exist to make money are being held less accountable for their role in the workforce, and unfortunately, more focused on their profits.

For students, this means the schools you attend are being allowed to care less about your schooling. The current administration has made it clear that they will let big business ride in education, so it is vital that you study your prospective or current schools, the programs you enter, and the debt you will eventually owe.

(Betsy DeVos illustration. Courtesy of DonkeyHotey)


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