Eggsploitation: Egg Donation and the Elimination o...

Eggsploitation: Egg Donation and the Elimination of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Women’s Rights Reverted

With the state of government that continues to reduce women’s rights in the form of unequal pay, abandoning sexual harassment and assault efforts in education, continues to deny women the opportunity to be leaders and involved in government, and most importantly denies women reproductive, educational, and counseling services by limiting Title X availability, it may come to no surprise that women being impacted by the government’s current state remain “useful” for one thing and one thing only: reproduction. That is, the government and all those old, white dudes that make up government positions continue to cut and slash women rights while also only paying attention to “pro-life” rhetoric and believing women are only useful to produce babies, essentially backing the industry of egg donation. These vulnerable, young women trying to pay their bills and make “easy” money, often entertain the possibility of egg donation, but also continue to lose benefits that allow them to maintain reproductive health and are used as money makers without weighing risks and long term consequences that result from this donation. Egg donation has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to make money and pay for school. The documentary Eggsploitation, highlights the complications and unexpected risks involved the procedure of egg donation.

Who is targeted?

Typically, specific female populations are targeted by agencies based on a few criteria: young (college-age), physically fit, educated, attractive, and ethnically similar to the seeker. Often, these recruitment agencies advertise in famous newspapers, magazines, and even social media. The young women targeted are usually financially unstable and are looking to make some money fast. However, this seemingly “easy” procedure has some serious short and long term risks, all of which are often not transparent in the egg donation process.

Eggsploitation explained

In the documentary Eggsploitation, viewers gain insight into the unknown truth of the egg donation industry. Viewers also hear stories from several women who donated eggs and suffered health consequences because of the donations and procedures. This documentary educates and showcases the realities of egg donation, especially the unknown among young college students. Several women attributed ads promoting the great financial gain of egg donations to why they went through with the procedure.

The most important point reiterated all throughout the documentary was that education is key. More importantly, the risks outweigh the benefits in egg donation, especially because not all risks and both short and long term effects are known. Personally, much like the women in the documentary I have entertained this idea among other “easy money” schemes and seeing as I would also be a potentially targeted population being a 21 year old, educated female who would benefit from the monetary gains of egg donation, watching this documentary helped me better understand the industry from which egg donations operate. More importantly, the message at the end was powerful simply because much like many subjects as discussed by women, there was unanimous consensus that women shouldn’t donate and sell their eggs because it wasn’t worth it.

Although researchers in the documentary mentioned that eggs are needed to advance research itself on egg donation, due to very little research done on long term effects and risks associated with egg donations it should be halted until further research is found on the effects in women’s bodies.

Overall, this documentary could serve as an educational tool, specifically among young women. Because young women are often the targets of these egg donation ads, there should be more education, more conversations and more awareness of potential long term risks. I viewed the documentary on Vudu, but it’s also available in other streaming services.
If you want to check it out, Eggsploitation.



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