Raw Empowerment Through The Power Of Kesha’s Rainb...

Raw Empowerment Through The Power Of Kesha’s Rainbow

After a 4 year hiatus, the once renowned party girl, Kesha is finally back! Following an ongoing legal battle with producer, “Dr. Luke” over sexual, physical, and emotional abuse allegations, the artist has returned with her new studio album,  Rainbow.


Where was Kesha?

Kesha’s hit “Tik Tok” was the virtually unavoidable party anthem of 2010. The electric and dance pop influences in Kesha’s first studio album, Animals, helped secure her party girl image. Two years later, Kesha released Warrior, which strayed from the party girl image she had formed in her first album, instead opting for a more personal touch. Songs like “Crazy Kids” and “Die Young” can be attributed to helping revive the rock genre in a pop and EDM heavy era.  

Following a second album, in 2014, Kesha admitted herself into a rehabilitation center for eating disorders. After her time at rehab, Kesha then pursued a legal battle against Dr. Luke lasting approximately 3 years. She alleged sexual, physical and emotional abuse, resulting in trauma. Dr. Luke counter demanded these allegations as defamation and included her refusal to comply with her obligations. Ultimately Kesha’s goal was to be released from Kemosabe Records, after all she endured by the label’s founder.

The artist’s legal battle even got campaigned through social media; the hashtag “Free Kesha” was born. After refusing to work for Sony, even without Dr. Luke’s involvement, the lawsuit against Kesha for refusal to comply with her contract remained. During this legal battle, several artists came out to support Kesha such as: Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Adele, offering her words of solidarity and financial aid during this hard time.  

Her comeback: A New Beginning

In the summer of 2016, Kesha dropped the Los Angeles sexual abuse case, while continuing her New York Case appeals. Her focus was releasing much awaited music to her fans and in July 2017 she finally achieved this through Dr. Luke’s, former label, Kemosabe Record. He was removed from the company following the lawsuits and complaints. 

Kesha’s first single off the new album, Rainbow, is titled “Praying”. Kesha penned an essay, explaining the meaning behind this song:

 “[Praying] is all about triumphing through adversity, and finding peace in forgiving those who have hurt you.”

Other singles off her new album includes: “Woman”, “Learn to Let Go”, and “Hymn.”  The tone of Kesha’s third studio album is one of empowerment and letting go of the hardships she endured. The message is an important one for young women, especially victims of abuse like herself. Approximately 11% of all college students will experience rape or sexual assault and only 20% of those victims report the occurred to law enforcement.


The Importance of Rainbow

Kesha’s new album is important because the legal battles that led up to its release are one of a determined young woman refusing to be silenced. During her hiatus, Kesha refused to be silenced ,instead,  she informed her fans and followers of what was occurring. Her persona shifted from “party girl” to advocate, fighting against the stigma of reporting sexual abuse through her work, her messages to fans, and ultimately her new album theme. Kesha’s new studio album was released on August 11, 2017. If you’re looking to listen to the voice of a strong, motherf*cking woman, this is the album for you.

There is always a light at the end of a “Rainbow” and Kesha is a prime example of finding that light through the power of music.




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