If you think healthcare is bad, now, just wait unt...

If you think healthcare is bad, now, just wait until the inauguration

If I had been born in the Renaissance, I wouldn’t have lived too long. Chances are I would’ve been a peasant. And in order to survive, I would’ve tricked people into thinking I was a mystic.

Everybody loves a Mystic.

Basically, I would have marketed myself as a fortune teller. That’s the only way I would have survived, financially– by taking people’s gold coins and telling them what they wanted to hear.

Which is kind of what I do today, except for free, with friends. Dammit, middle-class illusions. You are too good to me!

Times would be tough, but as a mystic, I’d tell my clients it’ll get better. I would lie to them like politicians lie to us today. I’d tell them that they’d live through the plague, the potato famine, and smallpox. Until, of course, one of us died.

Yes, that was the Renaissance and this is the now. So, why, with all the money, technological and scientific advances, do we still live like peasants? Relatively speaking.

Many people still live below the poverty line; in the U.S. Not to mention the millions around the world without access to clean water and food.

As an all-seeing mystic, I would’ve used my clients’ desperation to my advantage, and manipulated them into giving me money. You know, just to cheer them up while keeping them in denial like everyone else. Don’t you know denial makes you live longer? ( That’s mystic talk for- I’m lying to you right now. )

Example: Like the government in Michigan did to people applying for unemployment, when a computer logged 93 percent of them as criminals. Now they are going to court to fight for money that was essentially stolen from them.

I am not a mystic, but if I were, I’d be mystified by how dark these ages still are! Today, we spend so much time and money on charities to help those less fortunate. But, in the age of information shouldn’t we have solved many of these issues by now?

Call me crazy, call me the crazy peasant woman! But before you do, think about this; we have no real solutions for the water crises, global warming, AIDS, and millions of people around the world, who still live without health care and basic human needs.

It does feel like the tech/information renaissance on one hand, but on the other, I want to scream! What are you people with all this money doing?


*This post has been inspired by sitting on the phone with my health care provider for over an hour. Finally setting up an appointment with a doctor, only to find out she’s booked for the month. I didn’t have to strength to call back and wait. And this is what came out.*


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