Harvard Pairs With Outside Company For Online Busi...

Harvard Pairs With Outside Company For Online Business Analytics Program

To keep up with trends and growth in the field of digital data, Harvard University will soon be offering an online certificate program in business analytics. This comes as a partnership between Harvard and 2U, an online education company.

The Harvard Business Analytics Program is a joint effort between the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard Business School, Harvard’s department of statistics, and 2U. According to their website, 2U “partners with great colleges and universities to build what we believe is the world’s best digital education.” 2U currently has partnerships with NYU, Yale, Northwestern, and more, but Harvard is its most notable partnership to date. The program will be offered through 2U and aimed at professionals working full time. The classes are online but will be streamed live, face-to-face, and in the style of a seminar; only two required events will occur on campus.

Harvard says an “explosion” in the amount of digital data is the reasoning behind creating the certificate program. Graduates will not receive a diploma, but a certificate, and the price is not cheap; Harvard said it will cost around $50,000 for three semesters, with 10 hours of work per week each semester. Compare this to the average cost of an online credit hour, $286 ($2,860 for 10 hours), according to a recent U.S. News report.

This is a big move from a big school in taking courses and programs in new fields online and away from the classroom. This is also a big move in that an outside education company is the program provider, rather than the school itself. This move doesn’t come without critics; a recent report highlights the dangers of for-profit institutions intertwining with higher education. But with developments in digital technologies and data growing every day, we can expect to see more partnerships like this one between Harvard and 2U.


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