History is Aquatic, Part 3

Finale: Life

I am a vessel of life.

When people from Europe, Asia, Africa flocked to a new life in a new land, they came across me.

When science had deemed an ancient fish as long extinct, fishermen brought the coelacanth out of my depths.

When the land had no more to tell of past civilizations, archaeologists found secrets of history deep within me.

When explorers searched for life in my darkest depths, they discovered a world stranger than Mars.

When creatures on both land and sea need food, I provide sustenance.

When humans want to keep living creatures, I support life in this bit of ocean.

I am water.


Sources (for parts 1-3)

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(Photo of Coral Reef. Courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


About Tatsuro Nakajima

I am a recent magna cum laude graduate from Seattle Pacific University, where I studied literature and poetry. My writing interests include disability awareness, nature/conservation, culture, and politics. In my poetry, my main focus has been on the topic of death. This sounds dismal, but death is a complex theme that requires deep and vast exploration. When I'm not writing, I enjoy caring for my coral reef. Though I write about death, I surround myself with life.