Hurricane Harvey Affects Texas and its Students

Hurricane Harvey Affects Texas and its Students

Hurricane Harvey has proven to be a record-setting storm with over 48 inches of rainfall in the Texas area. So far, 19 people are dead or suspected dead due to the storm and rescue efforts are still in action. Of the many collegiate schools in the affected regions, though, all students are safe.

The worst collegiate account thus far has been the 200 Indian students at the University of Houston trapped in an apartment building, but eventually, after gaining contact with university police, the students were rescued. 2,000 residential students are known to still be on the UH campus but are safe with dining halls open. For students below the collegiate level, though, over 160 school districts and 30 charter schools have been closed. There are also many university closures, listed below.

University of Houston, Katy and Sugar Land campuses: closed through Wednesday

UH downtown campus: closed through Wednesday

TSU, Houston State, Rice: closed until further notice

Galveston and Houston Community Colleges: closed until further notice

South Texas College of Law: closed through Wednesday

Lone Star College: closed through Tuesday

Texas A&M at Corpus Christi: closed until September 5

UH Emergency Operations Center: Open 24/7

Though student accounts have so far been positive, the destruction of the storm will definitely have an impact on this academic semester and life outside of school for Texans, considering the 30,000 people currently in shelter and the 450,000 people who will need disaster assistance.

Click here for Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Response Information. If you need assistance, call 911 or the Disaster Assistance Hotline at 1-866-526-8300 (choose option 3).

(Photo Courtesy of NASA)

(Photo Courtesy of NASA)


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