M.F.A, M.B.A, D.N.A, FML

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

It’s a good motto to use when applying for Graduate School — or for anything else. Also, it can be used for all other life applications. Just listen.

Life is about paper; all we do is leave paper trails. We fight for the right to paper!

It’s ironic when people get angry about pollution. Because we did it to ourselves. Both pollution and Trump are all our faults. We actively pollute the Earth; with paper and reality T.V. and then get angry about it.

The cycle of Paper:

We go to school and get a letter of recommendation so we can go to another school. After that, we get a paper telling us “You’re Done!” So, now we’re qualified to earn more paper, in the form of money.  Why are we always chasing the paper?

The paper we’re supposed to buy into isn’t so important. It isn’t the end all be all. The idea of using paper to show the world you can earn more paper is really just a waste of paper. So, it makes sense that most people feel ambivalent about graduate programs and spending their lives in jobs they ‘hate’.

They ask, is this really going to change my life? Am I really going to get a better job with this degree?

From where I stand, the answer is a combination of yes and no. There are no guarantees in life. It all depends on what you want to get out of it, and what your intention is.

Some paper chasers will say, ‘No, you will not get a better job after graduate school. You’re not even guaranteed a job. Others say, “People who hire, will love that you went to Graduate School.”

There are so many mixed messages the name of papers. Instead of saying how amazing, this, or that school is school’s should say, USE US! Use us for your benefit, young buck. We like it and it feels so good.

Don’t waste your time on schools promising perigee or name brand recognition. The smartest thing you can do, as a student, is, go to a school (after doing your research) that you’ll get the most out of. Use this school, because they’re sponges, and need to be soaked and dried up!

Schools are selling knowledge and that is something to soak up. You should buy into intellectualism, but not pricing it.

And proceed with caution.


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