Miami University Rolls Out Fraternity Reform, but ...

Miami University Rolls Out Fraternity Reform, but Is it Enough?

After a troubling year for fraternities at Miami University, the college has announced their plans to restructure how Greek life is managed.

With three frats suspended and more under probation for hazing or drug and alcohol violations, these are pressing concerns. The measures are varied: chapters will have more frequent meetings with faculty advisors, undergo online hazing prevention training, and face further accountability from peer interfraternity organizations.

These are promising changes, and it’s entirely possible that they’ll be enough to course-correct the school’s fraternities. There’s certainly an atmosphere of urgency at the moment: Cameron Snyder, the Interfraternity Council President, has described the current approach as “trying to proactively address these issues… It’s a little bit brutal and a little bit in your face, but we need to be that way.” But by relying on many of the same oversight strategies as they have in the past, it could well be business as usual.

What do you think? Do you live in the Greek system? Do you like how it’s run?


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