Oregon Offers New Gender Option on State IDs

Oregon Offers New Gender Option on State IDs

Recently, Oregon became the first US state to offer a gender neutral option on their state IDS—a big step forward for the transgender community. Though Washington D.C. was officially the first to offer this gender neutral option back in June, Oregon is the first to do so statewide.

The gender neutral option allows for people to select “X” instead of “M” or “F,” giving those with nonbinary gender identities the option to have the license or state ID actually match who they are, which is a big win for the LGBT community. “The simple measures moving forward in Oregon, D.C., and California make daily life for many transgender and gender nonbinary people infinitely safer and easier,” says Kris Hayahsi, the executive director of the Transgender Law Center.

Oregon’s move to include a nonbinary option on driver’s licenses officially started back in 2016, when Jamie Shupe was the first person granted a gender change to “non-binary” in the court. Since then, people all over the country have requested to become legally nonbinary, sparking Oregon’s move to add the option to their state issued IDs.

After Oregon put its plan into motion, other states have already started to put their own plan into motion. Legislation to make the change is already in motion in New York and California, and with a model to follow, other states are sure to follow suit.

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