Pure Comedy — The Trump Era in Art & Mu...

Pure Comedy — The Trump Era in Art & Music.

Watch Father John Misty’s music video for his latest song, “Pure Comedy.”

The video illustrates life, death, culture and all of our fears in Trump Era Politics. A self-proclaimed “culture warrior”, Father John Misty is no stranger to incorporating the haunting skepticism in his lyrics and album art, that frankly, the world needs a little more of.

This unique gift can be seen in the intention of this video, which comments on “the comedy of man” in a thoughtful string of lyrics, the Pepe the Frog meme (hell yaaasss) and animation by Matthew Daniel Siskin, creator of designedmemory.

The song is sultry and moody, but also inspires joy, which is perhaps the most confusing and also beautiful part about it. The way the video ties in footage from Trump’s inauguration, and lyrics that just kind of say everything you wish you could think of yourself…

“And how’s this for irony, their idea of being free are a prison of beliefs that they never ever have to leave.”

“Oh, their religions are the best. They worship themselves yet they’re totally obsessed. With risen zombies, celestial virgins, magic tricks, these unbelievable outfits and they get terribly upset when you question their sacred texts written by woman-hating epileptics…”

If this video has got you hooked, check out the rest of Father John’s Misty’s songs on YouTube.

And, you’re obsession extends further, check out Pitchfork’s interview with Father John Misty,  How to Make Love.


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