State of Unwell Being

Hello, good citizens and welcome to 2017, where public health has back peddled to the dark ages.

Are you a woman? Have you had acne, anxiety or, even a period? Perhaps, you’ve birthed a child with a ‘pre-existing’ condition? Not to worry, you will no longer be charged for opting out of insurance. It will no longer be affordable, but, the good news is, you will not be charged! Hooray for progress. The end.

If you have been following any news stories lately, you know that people who run this country might very well be bat-shit insane. People across party lines are pissed, constituents are confused, and the Senate is just trying to read the damn thing, so just calm down!

The only silver lining at the end of this backward ass tunnel is, that the senate will probably not pass this bill (?)

If you’ve been avoiding watching this train wreck (you’re a more rational person than I) or are just confused about the bill, here are some of its offerings; peppered by fun and extremely satisfying videos of people yelling at congressmen!

Basically, the men overseeing this Bill, which include The Freedom Caucus want to charge women way more for being women. Wait — you want us to have babies, and want us to bare the entire cost? Did these bill makers miss the part in Health class about how babies are made? Maybe their only takeaway point was abstinence. Isn’t it ironic?

And so confusing…

But the confusing irony just keeps getting better. Turns out the ones who might be hit the hardest are women who actually voted for Trump. Women who still support him.

With a huge proposed cut in public Medicaid, people who are the most disenfranchised are put in the most vulnerable positions. Women and men who solely use clinic visits. By potentially cutting preventative coverage, like cancer screenings, pap smears and STI testing you’re putting women, especially, at a huge risk.

The worst part of the bill is that it makes everything with two legs into a pre-existing condition. The American Healthcare Act will allow for regulation cuts placed by the Affordable Healthcare Act.  This includes everything from reporting a rape to getting a c-section. How can these qualify as pre-existing conditions? I’ll never know.

Still confused….

Since the house rushed and passed this bill, people, rightfully, have been losing their shit. It’s also come out that many of the bill’s signers, might not have even read it. People on both ends of the political spectrum are taking their congressmen to church.

Fun facts:

The subsidies which Obama Care provided to help pay for premiums, will be now based on individual income and how much insurance costs in their state.

In place of that, the AHCA will provide tax credits based on a person’s age. However, if you live in an area that is expensive and do not earn a high-income, your tax credits do not adjust to cover the rest of your premiums.

The estimated cut over the next ten years, in Medicaid, is 880 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO also predicts that 24 million people who have healthcare now will not have it in ten years.

Under the AHCA, each state can sign up for an in-state- waiver, which would allow for a complete elimination of “essential health care requirements” put in place by Obama Care.

Essential healthcare requirements include: providing maternity care, prescription drugs, and mental health care. Opting out would also allow insurance companies to charge more for pre-existing conditions, and five times more for older customers.

The idea of politicians passing a bill because they just wanted something to pass is frightening. Healthcare is a bi-partisan issue and disputing Obama Care, just because Obama’s name is on it, is childish.

The AFA was not a perfect piece of legislation, but, it provided healthcare to the masses. In a time where it’s seemingly harder and harder to ‘be healthy’ taking away basic health services is cruel and unusual.

This has made me see politics in a whole different light, a light I never wanted to see it in. As a woman, and a human, I am staying informed, screaming at the T.V., and praying that this does not pass!



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