Undocumented (DACA) Students’ Questionable F...

Undocumented (DACA) Students’ Questionable Future in Trump’s America

So, let’s go ahead and add more fuel to the fire here in America. With the process of “building a wall” and a newly-minted anti-immigration ban from the Trump administration in the wings, undocumented immigrants are definitely in high stress mode about their future. What’s more: the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program may not be there to protect undocumented students and their families for much longer. The Trump administration has an indefinite plan to put an end to DACA program, making good on his plans to build a wall – physically and metaphorically. Although Trump claimed in a recent press conference that his administration is going to consider the fate of DACA “with heart, ” his aides are already looking into ways to end DACA without obtaining Trump’s signature. One of the ways is through the Department of Justice. It is still acceptable for students under the DACA program to get a two-year work visa without the risk of deportation. However, after that two-year period, the Department of Justice could arbitrate if DACA programs are prohibited and could possibly expatriate students and their families. These upcoming events will instill tremendous fear into undocumented high school students, and pose an even more dangerous risk to the affected families when the federal government finds out about their whereabouts. Sure, undocumented students coming to the United States puts American citizens at a disadvantage when it comes to college admissions. Opponents of DACA do not take this issue lightly, with many  laying out their views on Twitter…


But, the United States is all about inclusion of different cultures and backgrounds. The great thing to come out of this is undocumented students in the DACA programs are taking a stand to stay in the United States for educational opportunities and citizenship. Here are the tweets from some DACA students and supporters:

Sudents coming into college have the potential to create and apply a great amount of knowledge to make the community better, no matter what their resident statuses are. Having these different demographic groups, and learning about their ways of life, will unquestionably makes the country strong. Diversity, generally speaking, is what makes America great. For now, undocumented students are looking towards an uncertain future in the United States, hoping for the best.

But if the worse case is realized, and DACA is repealed, take heart, and keep these helpful actions from D.C.-based, immigrant youth advocacy group, United We Dream, in mind:


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