University of Illinois Email Gently Nudges Interna...

University of Illinois Email Gently Nudges International Students To Get Their Shit Together

It appears University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) needs its foreign students to be a little less foreign. In an effort to normalize its boorish hodgepodge of international students, UIC’s Office of International Affairs is hosting a conversion camp workshop next week to introduce these folks to ‘common values associated with individuals living in the United States.’ Who knew you could workshop nationality?

While no agenda was made available, we assume that clips of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, The Patriot and American Sniper will be shown over a Ponderosa-style buffet of hoagies and Ding Dongs.

According to the Office of International Affairs, 15% of UIC’s student population–which is estimated at just under 30,000 students–is comprised of international students. That’s presumably a whole lot of Asians, Latin Americans and Europeans, collectively generating a whole lot of non-conforming, weird behavior. UIC is leaving no stone unturned in recruitment efforts for its two-hour workshop. On Thursday, officials from the Office of International Affairs sent this gem out to international students:

Come on, UIC. After allegedly forcing an Asian professor to teach statistics (because he was Asian, and, you know…), we thought you’d be doing your damndest to avoid dabbling in racialized tropes. 

(Photo courtesy of University of Illinois at Chicago )


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