Warren to DeVos: ‘The financial futures of a...

Warren to DeVos: ‘The financial futures of a generation of young people depend on you.’

Earlier today, Jan. 17, 2017, Warren asked DeVos a series of questions regarding her qualifications to be Secretary of Education at her hearing, basically confirming our worst fears about her track record with public education…or should I say, lack thereof.

Turns out DeVos has had no experience with running a bank, handling a $3 trillion dollar budget, no personal experience with governmental financial aid, such as Pell Grant — all of which are key parts of the Secretary of Education position.

Throughout the round of questions, Warren not only holds DeVos accountable for “financial future of a generation of young people”, but also manages to throw shade in the most poignant way possible at Trump University, reminding us all about the damage that for-profit colleges such as these can do, when not regulated for waste, fraud and abuse.

To learn more about why Betsy DeVos is facing so much scrutiny check out this Washington Post article.

Video courtesy of The Washington Post


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